Beard Lovers No. 2 – Ryan MacGregor

The man himself

A moustachioed man and pro-barber to boot, Ryan joined Murdock’s team at Liberty this year.

First, the question on everybody’s top lips – what training is involved in becoming a professional beard stylist?
Get your self an apprenticeship at a decent company, and they will teach you the core techniques. It’s then up to you to personalise everything and provide the optimum service!

What is the most interesting style of moustache or beard that you have styled?
Big beards are fun, but it’s the person behind the beard that makes it interesting though! I get beard envy on a daily basis at work haha. I am also biased towards a fine handle bar ‘tache for obvious reasons

What products do you use, or would you recommend?
Mr Kings Marvellous Moustache Wax! Best wax in town!

Who is your personal ‘chinsperation’?
Earl Hickey (Jason Lee). Epic ‘tache!

The ultimate mo’?

What would you say to someone who is thinking of growing a beard or moustache?
Go for it, don’t over trim in the early stages, just keep it neat!

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