Beard Lovers No 5 – Mr Incredibeard

Mr Incredibeard

Mr Incredibeard

Mr Incredibeard, aka Isaiah Webb, is the pioneer of beard art and has single-handedly started an online beardy revolution. His extravagant and intricate beardy styles have made him an internet sensation and he is using his beardy powers to start the Beard Rights Movement. 

So, Mr Incredibeard, take us back to the moment you decided to grow a beard. Who or what was your inspiration? 

My wife was the one that initially pushed me to grow a beard. I’ve had some type of facial hair for the last 15 years, but never grew out a full beard. I wore a well trimmed beard for the last 5 years. It wasn’t until 20 months ago that my wife pushed me to grow the beard out.

And where did the idea for your beard art come from? 

For the first 25 styles I came up with the ideas. It wasn’t until recently that I started to reach out to my fans for ideas. Even so, I make sure to put my spin on the style once the fans submit their ideas. For example, a fan submitted the idea of a bowl with chopsticks. I took that idea and make it into a Beard Bowl of Ramen.

Do you feel like you wear your beard, or your beard wears you? 

My beard wears me for sure, I wish I got treated as well as my beard does!

How long does it take you to style each piece of beard art? 

Each style differs in time. However, the easiest beard styles take about 1.5 hours while some of the more difficult ones can take 3+ hours!

How would you react if someone shaved off your beard whilst you were sleeping?

I would probably kill the person. Shaving my beard is probably the worst way to hurt me… well, maybe that and hurting my wife.

What are your top tips for loving your beard?

It takes time, patience and money. As the beard grows longer your treatment regime has to increase. However, the money spent is well worth it. If using any type of heat on your beard (i.e. flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, etc) make sure to use a heat protecting product on your beard, otherwise you can damage it severely.

How integral is your facial hair to your personal style and identity? 

Anyone that has a beard knows that the beard consumes you. It becomes your identity. Even if you didn’t want it to be, it’s usually the first thing people will notice about you.

Tell me about the Beard Rights Movement; what made you set it up? Have you receive a lot of support for it? 

I set up the Beard Rights Movement for a number of reasons. First, I used this as an avenue to help provide clean water for children throughout the world. I want to help as much as I can, and tried to figure out how I could go about doing it. So I’m trying to use what publicity I can to get the spotlight on my brand. I’m proud to say a portion of the profits from clothing sales go directly to providing clean water for children. Did you know a child dies every 21 seconds because of water related diseases?

Second, I wanted to make it a fun way to support this charity, so I created the Beard Rights Movement. The truth is many men are forced to shave in order to get jobs, and as funny as this is, is discrimination. So my brand is based on the fun of bearding and the fun of helping those in need.

What is the future for you and your beard? 

The sky’s the limit! I take one day at a time and try to enjoy whatever comes my way.

Quick Fire Five: 

Majestic Moustache or Beautiful Beard? Beautiful beard of course!

Wet shave or Electric? Neither!

Goatee or Mutton Chops? Glorious mutton chops!

The Gandalf or The Galifianakis? The Gandalf

Beard Art or Free Flowing? Beard Art obviously ;)

Check out Mr Incredibeard’s website and his beautiful tumblr for more glorious beard love. 


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