Data: Movember Facts, Figures and Predictions

Here at Bearded London, we love a good statistic, especially when it has something to do with moustaches. As you are all more than aware, the time is almost upon us to put down the razors, let our top lip grow some face furniture and dig deep into our pockets in the name of charidy.

Now in its 8th year for us Brits (and 12th for our Aussie friends), Movember helps raise funds for a number of worth while causes, including testicular cancer charities and mental health organisations.

We’ve delved deep into their financial reports to bring you some interesting stats to share with your mates over a pencil (mo’) and a pint whilst at the pub during the month of Movember. Check below to see the 5 things we’ve learnt, and our 5 predictions for Movember 2013!

Movember Financials 2007 – 2012


5 things we learn from the above figures

  1. As well as ruling the waves, we can also deduct from the above that good ol’ Blighty wins when it comes to growing mo’s and raising money for charity. By 2011 we were beating the Aussie’s at their own game, and left our atlantic brothers eating dust when it came to the total amount raised.
  2. Not only are we the best at raising funds, but we can also rally the troops better than our fellow moustache growers. The UK now manages to get twice as many participants than Australia, with the USA following our trend and overtaking those amber nectar lovers in the 2011 edition.
  3. Fear not Australians – you are still good at something. Unlike the UK and USA, the Southern Hemisphereites (yes, I just made up that word) are still managing to dig deep and donate to Movember. It appears to be a trend that the more that sign up to fight the cause in the Atlantic brotherhood, the lower the average raised per participant becomes. We’re not going to play the blame game here, but it might be for a number of reasons – those pesky hipsters with their silly little moustaches aren’t digging deep enough, or because there are so many people taking part now, people simply don’t have the funds to donate to all their friends #cameronsbritain.
  4. Despite the falling trend highlighted in 3., the issue does appear to be plateauing, with us predicting that the USA’s average amount raised per participant will go up during the 2013 edition.
  5. Don’t worry, we’re almost done. Unlike the UK and USA’s total raised, which are still growing despite the respective economic crises, Australia’s appears to have plateaued.

5 predictions for Movember 2013

  1. The UK will smash through the £30m raised.
  2. The USA will overtake Australia in the total raised.
  3. The number of participants in the UK will break through half-a-million people (That’s around 1 in 140 man, woman and child growing a moustache or becoming a mo’ sister in the name of charity!)
  4. The USA’s number of participants will continue to grow, whilst Australia’s will continue to hover around 150,000.
  5. The average raised per person will remain the same for each country.
All of our data can be found on our very own excel document. We chose to compare Australia, UK and the USA as Movember started in Australia and the UK and USA are the most comparable countries that also participate. We also used the exchange rates of AUS$1=£0.55 and US$=£0.59 to convert the financials into a comparable sterling rate. 

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