The Beardroll: links to London’s best barbers, beard groups and websites

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Welcome to Bearded London’s guide to the city’s online beard heroes. 

This blogroll is a work in progress – if you know a site you think we should link to, tweet us at @beardedlondon

London beard groups

The British Beard Club     |     The online presence of a superbly-organised fleet of bearded heroes: see the Diary for beard meet-ups and events (including those of the elusive London Thatch), the Beard Care section for growing and maintenance tips, and the Gallery for ALL OF THE AWESOME ARRANGED BY GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION.

The Handlebar Club    |    The venerable Handlebar Club (founded 1947) can strictly only be regarded as a Friend of Bearded London, since its membership criteria actively exclude beard wearers. Despite this lamentable oversight, the club are jolly good eggs and there are some truly impressive facial fronds on display at their monthly meeting in Marylebone’s Windsor Castle pub. Check out photos and audio from Bearded London’s coverage of their March 2014 meeting.

London Beard Grooming

Rocket Barber Shop     |     Hackney’s rocket shop is the winner of Bearded London’s 2014 Best Barber Shop In London poll, as voted for by over 400 Bearded London readers. Co-owner Steve Murphy is one of Bearded London’s resident beard experts – we trust him with our every follicle. Get yourself down on a Sunday (every other week) for his dedicated  Beard Bar.

Murdock London     |     With shops in Shoreditch, Soho, Covent Garden and Spitalfields, Murdock’s is one of London’s biggest barber brands – and they’re just as invested in keeping beards on as shaving them off. You can read Charlie Allenby’s interview with Murdock’s Ryan MacGregor here – the talented beard-groomer also lent his expert advice to our 5 common beard problems feature in May 2014.

Geo F Trumper     |     Feeling flush? Geo F Trumper is one of the classiest barbershops in town. Drop in at their Mayfair or St James branches for an expert trim or to sample their extensive range of grooming products – just don’t let them talk you into a wet shave.

Ted’s Grooming Room     |     Outlets of Ted Baker’s grooming outfit can be found in Cheapside, Fitzrovia, Holborn, Mayfair and Marylebone. We reckon their No Ordinary Designer Stubble service is a snip at £18.50, and there’s no need to book an appointment (though if you’re after a spot in the Holborn Ottoman Lounge, it’s best to book ahead).

If you know a London barber as into beards as we are, drop us a tweet @beardedlondon and we’ll feature them here.

Beard Porn Tumblrs


Bearded London     |     Lovingly curated by Bearded London writer Hannah Ewens, our very own beardy tumblr is a celebration of the best urban beards available online. Swoon.

The Bearded    |     Beautiful beards and a gorgeous theme – but why so glum, chums? Seriously, it’s almost like these guys don’t realise they have AWESOME BEARDS.

Beards FTW     |     Have you ever wondered what a solid wall of guys with facial hair might look like? Of course you have. Click it real good.

100 Beards    |     Beautiful photographs of 100 gorgeous beards. Read Francesca Peak’s interview with photographer Jonathan Pryce here.


Boys With Beards With Cats     |     Boys. Beards. Cats. BOOM.

Tattoos And Beards     |     Sadly not tattoos OF beards, but a good start.

I Love Bearded Men Wearing Suits     |     Because beards are no longer NSFW, you hear?

Guys With Red Beards     |     Although, to be fair, it’s quite difficult to find a beard that HASN’T gotta bitta red in it.

Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes     |     Sadly dormant, but makes the cut for obvious reasons.

Have we missed something? Let us know – tweet us @beardedlondon, talk to us on Facebook, or leave a comment below.


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