I love this blog. It legitimises the time I spend scouring tumblr and Pinterest for photos of beautiful bearded men. They’re out there, and I make it my mission to find them. For today’s beautiful beard instalment, I’ve come across a man who is making the most of the many uses of beards. They really are an investment of time and love, and this guy uses his to full effect by sticking things in his beard and tumblring it on Will It Beard.

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

Unfortunately the character behind Will It Beard has chosen to remain anonymous, and although I Tweeted him for a quick chat, it seems he’s still not game. However, I’ve been doing some detective work, and here’s what I’ve deduced from stalking Will It Beard on instagram, tumblr, twitter and youtube.

1) He is mortal.


2) He’s bashful and blushes easily.


3) He’s not from Portland, Oregon.


4) He might be from Canada. JUST MAYBE.


5) He’s pretty busy, but he keeps his Saturdays free for putting things in his facial hair.


6) He has a cutting sense of humour.


7) His name is Pierce, as in Pierce Brosnan, David Hyde Pierce, or “let me Pierce your heart with my beard”


8) He’s not afraid of playing with fire.

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

9) He is a fan of the small baby animals.

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

Copyright willitbeard.tumblr.com

10) And, most heart-Pierce-ingly of all, he’s married…


11) …but appears to have an open marriage. Hope lives on.


You are heartily encouraged, fellow beard-lover, to follow Pierce on tumblr / twitter / instagram / youtube. Goodbye lunchbreak.


Pierce’s identity has been revealed, after he had a chat with BuzzFeed a while back. He is PIERCE THIOT and his wife is called STACY. She takes his photos. The whole project began at Christmas with his Grandma asking her grandkids to put on a little talent show (if only all Grandmas were this cute) and his obvious talent was sticking random things in his beard.

So now I know Pierce’s surname, wife’s name and where the project started. That’s great, but I still don’t know where he’s from, what his favourite ice-cream flavour is or whether he would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck. If you’re reading, Pierce, I’d love to know.


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  1. Let’s recruit one of the investigative journos and apply to City for funding for a Canadian research expedition


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