The Week in Beards

Here’s your round-up of what’s been going on in the world of beards this week.

France decided on their Eurovision entry

Trust me, this is beard-relevant. For, good friends, the entry from across the Channel is by a band called Twin Twin performing ‘Moustache’. I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying, but I assume there’s some kind of hairy praise in the chorus bit. Any translations welcome.

We discovered our favourite new Tumblr

Here at Bearded, we’re always scouring the internet for the best hairy news, and we think we’ve found the perfect antidote to work-overload blues with this tumblr. Space Beards is run by one guy Photoshopping away during his lunch break and adorns the beautiful faces of the rich and famous with cosmic beards. Puts our lunchtime routine of crying on the phone to our Mums to shame. Here’s Billy Murray enjoying his new accessory.

This bearded baseball player’s letting his fans decide

Maybe he’s just bored, or maybe he wants to give his fans control over something that really matters. We’re not too sure, but Joba Chamberlain of the Detriot Tigers is shaving or shaping according to the results of a Twitter vote. On the Opening Day of the baseball season (31st March), he’ll either come out with a goatee, full beard, moustache, handle-bar moustache or the dreaded “clean-shaven”. Please, don’t let this beautiful beard go to waste. You can vote by tweeting Joba at @Joba_44

Robin Buckson / Detriot News

Internet cats strike again

Remember the cat that didn’t get an owner because he looks like Hitler? Well he’s not a patch on this little guy. Meet Stache the Moustache Cat, Canadian born and bred, rescued from a cardboard box with his sister after being abandoned by their previous owner. His new owner is much more appreciative of his charm and has made him the star of his own Instagram account and website. And rightly so, he’s adorable. Feast your eyes, my feline-loving friends.

Aannnnd there goes my lunchtime.

Fancy my beard? That’ll be $1,000,000 please.

Here at Bearded, we’re no fan of the close-shave, unless it’s for a really good cause, and this neatly falls into that bracket. Australian Scott Maggs, aka Jimmy Niggles (no, I don’t know either) is selling his beard to raise money and awareness of skin cancer, which tragically took the life of his friend Wes Bonny at the tender age of 26. His initiative This Is Beard aims to spread the word around the country and encourage people to get tested for skin cancer and, once donations total AUS$1,000,000 (approx. £541,452), Maggs is getting out his razor and saying goodbye to his beautiful beard. Good luck, Niggles!

From the This is Beard website


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