The Week in Beards – Episode 2

Another week, another inbox-full of Google beard alerts to sift through to bring you the cream of the fantastically hairy crop. This week is definitely a full bush, so strap in and prepare to be amazed by what the world of beards has to offer on this beautifully sunny afternoon.

Beard charity of the week – Beards BeCAUSE

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, seven years ago, Beards BeCAUSE raises money to help fund shelters and schemes for women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The charity also welcomes work from women who, although they may be unable to grow their own beards, spread the good word and help the charity accumulate more than the $217,000 they’ve already totted up. This little article in the Charlotte Observer just adds to their wonder by praising their openminded approach and how they’ve really made a difference to the community. Grow on, hairy friends.

Land of the free and home of the bearded – unless you’re in jail

Gregory Holt is serving a life sentence in Arkansas for domestic battery and burglary and wants to grow a beard, in accordance with his Muslim beliefs. However, prison officials in Arkansas, along with six other states in the USA, ban all kinds of facial hair, in case it could be used to smuggle in contraband. His lawyer, Douglas Laycock, has taken his case to the Supreme Court to fight for Holt’s right to grow a half-inch beard. It could prove a landmark case for the seven states that ban beards in prison.

Gregory Holt via

Gregory Holt via

We developed a sudden urge to visit Barcelona

Oh Spain, with your toreadors, tapas and tempting churros. Add to that list Bon Moustache, an adorable hostel in Barcelona. It’s named after the owners’ cousin, who sis part of an artistic collective that makes music and moustache-themed clothes. There are moustaches everywhere, creating what looks like a heavenly hairy stay, at the bargain price of €12 per person/night. Our Easter break’s coming up soon, so if anyone feels like whisking Bearded off our exhausted little feet, we will love you forever.

From the Bon Moustache website.

From the Bon Moustache website.

Political beards make a stand in Virginia

Facial hair has long been used to make a statement, and this is just another sign that the US needs to get its act together on its monetary policy. Two of Virginia’s GOP delegates, Thomas A. Greason (Repub.) and Greg Habeeb (Repub.) have sworn off shaving until the state can agree on a budget. The assembly failed to do so earlier this month and isn’t meeting again until the end of March, so they’ll have at least three weeks’ growth to show off. Given the USA’s indecision on monetary matters lately, these men could have some serious Gandalfing on their chins by the time anything’s agreed.

Greg Habeeb (left) and Thomas A. Greason. Image via

We spent a very long time on Pinterest

All in the name of research. Promise. It’s all because we found this great board called beards holding things from the fantastic site BeardRevered. After getting over the initial disappointment that it isn’t actually people holding things with their beards, we wallowed in gorgeous pictures of men with beards doing things only really manly men do, like the ironing in their underwear and holding rakes. Click and enjoy.

Via beards holding things.

Whilst we’re talking Pinterest, check out Francesca’s board, BeardedLondon Beard Awards. Any suggestions welcome via @beardedlondon.



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