The woman who devoted her life to beards: Victoria Beardrevered

Meet Victoria Ambrosetti, the Head Beard of our favourite site Beard Revered.

This is her guest blog about her journey giving up her job to better dedicate a life to the devotion of the fuzz.


Hi, My name is Victoria and I am a beard fanatic. was born in May 2013 as a way to channel my beard obsession. I had just left a job in Affiliate Marketing and quickly decided to combine my passion for the hirsute with my marketing know-how to create an online business – it was a no-brainer decision as far as I was concerned.


At the end of 2013 I started to receive some online press, which also coincided with a re-vamp of my original template. I hired a web developer/graphic designer to help make the basic layout more user-friendly and easier to manoeuvre and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Readership increased and I started to receive advertising inquiries and affiliate partnerships.

“The beard community are a pretty friendly bunch”

I have been very surprised at the reception to Beardrevered. The beard community are a pretty friendly bunch of people and I have been welcomed in to the hirsute community with open arms. As a girl I imagine I’ve added a different dimension to what is a very  male dominated beard-blogging community, but there was definitely a gap for a women’s point of view (and I jumped at the opportunity).

“It’s definitely a niche project – especially for a girl”

Beardrevered is definitely a long-term project and I look forward to developing new ideas and projects in 2014. It’s definitely a niche project – especially for a girl – but I think there’s great potential to grow and create a platform celebrating the tradition and beauty of the beard. So, watch this space – the course to world beard domination has only just begun.”

info-badge is a London based website dedicated entirely to the celebration of The Beard. If you are a fan of facial hair – particularly of the chin variety – then you have hours of happy browsing ahead of you. Founded and curated by beard afficionado, Victoria Ambrosetti, brings you imagery, stories and tips from around the world.


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