Beard Crush: Maximiliano Patane

If you’ve picked up a copy of VogueEsquire or even The Times recently, you’ll have noticed that bearded models are very ‘in’, and have been for a year or so. Finally, after years of clean-shaven cool, beards are appreciated as the money-spinners they are. So allow me to introduce you to the Adonis of the bearded model world. David Gandy, Ricki Hall, jog on. Maximiliano Patane is the latest ovary-exploding addition to the bearded model spank bank.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, this 31 year-old God is hairy, through and through. This is him in a video introducing himself to the world. He’s speaking Spanish so I can barely understand him, but if his speech is what’s grabbing your attention here, there’s something wrong with you.

You want more? OF COURSE YOU DO. Have a look at some videos for advertising campaigns Maximiliano has starred in:

1) Brioni A/W 2012/13

Also starring Jack Guinness, so much bearding to be enjoyed here.

2) Vistula F/W 2013/14

In this one, Maximiliano gets to smile, walk and sit pensively in a car. He can take us for a drive any day. 

3) Ona Saez A/W 2012/13

Not one, not two, but three girls get their hands all over our favourite Argentenean. We melt into a puddle of jealousy.

And now it’s time to kick off your weekend with a  slideshow of Maximiliano showing off his sweet beard and, occasionally, his hairy chest. Very. Hairy. Sweet dreams.

<Click play on this track first, then enjoy.>

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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