PaxGate Goes to Edinburgh

"Beards are so 2013." NOOOOO! (Photo: BBC)

“Beards are so 2013.” NOOOOO! (Photo: BBC)

A few months back, we reported on the loss of Paxman’s beard, that fell to the mighty razor wielded by the hand of evil. However the furore that started with Paxbeard’s appearance on Newsnight is set to rear its hairy head once more, as Paxman takes to Edinburgh Festival for a one-man show.

PAXO, running 18th-25th August at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, will tackle the condition Paxman seems to have developed himself – pognopohobia (fear of beards, can you imagine such a condition) – amongst other topics such as underpants and the human condition.

One of the country’s fiercest interrogators will also be opening himself up to questioning from the audience, turning the tables on the University Challenge quizmaster and interviewer extraordinaire. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an interesting, eclectic and entertaining show.

The questions remains – will Paxbeard be making a much longed-for return? Only time will tell. I recommend Paxman gets started now to achieve the full Gandalf before he takes to the stage. Majestic.

Get your tickets here before they go – and they will – for the bargain price of £15. Travel to and from Edinburgh not included.

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