The Bearded Internet: Youtube’s Best Hairy Videos

Still from 'Storybeard'

Still from ‘Storybeard’

Youtube playlists for the Bearded and Beard Lovers alike

Here at Bearded London we’re aware of how difficult it can be to sort the wheat from the shaving-rash when it comes to beard and moustache related content. So we’ve composed a bunch of Youtube playlists to make things as easy as your non-existent morning shave. We’ve even divided them thematically so you can use our SONGS playlist for parties and our ADVICE playlist for when you’re having a bad beard day (like that ever happens). Go watch gentlemen! Gyrate, giggle, gaze and groom!


We all know traversing the thicket of beard advice can be tiresome. Here we’ve put together a list of reliable sources that we can confirm give good tips and tricks on how to be bearded in these confusing times.

The Beard Baron – How To Deal With A Patchy Beard
Murdock London – How To Have A Marvellous Moustache
(Read our interview with the star of this video, Ryan MacGregor, HERE)
Beardbrand – How To Groom And Style A Long Beard
The Beard Baron – How To Safely Trim A Beard
The Art of Manliness – How To Trim Your Mustache
Beardbrand – Don’t Wash Your Beard Daily! – Combing Your Beard Properly


The amount of people who have been moved to pen beautiful lyrics and breath-taking melodies in honour of beards is considerable. Here, Bearded London provides a mix of comedic and downright reputable records, all about the majesty of letting those follicles get out of control. And remember, if you want even more beard/music action, you can check out Bearded London’s 20 favourite bands with beards.

Psychostick – Obey the Beard
The Beards – You should consider having sex with a bearded man
Devendra Banhart – This Beard Is For Siobhan
The Bandettes – The Beard Song
Jon Walker – Growing a Beard
Rocky and Balls – Beard Song
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Beard Lust
Wilco – Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer – Just Like A Chap
(You can also read our interview with Mr B. RIGHT HERE)


Sometimes all you need is to look at a nice beard, shot with a DSLR in HD, and the world sets itself right. This playlist includes lovingly-made films about barbershops, Jake Gyllenhall talking about his relationship with his one-time chin-warmer, and of course some stuff by yours truly, Bearded London.

The Trash Lab – The New Wave of Barber Shops
Giacomo Bruno – A Murdock London Experience
Tatia PIlieva – First Kiss
BBC – Jake Gyllenhall Talks About His Beard
Bearded London – Beard Lovers: Steve from Rocket Barber Shop
Bearded London – Beard Lovers: Valentines Day Special
BBC America – Doctor Who: In Awe of John Hurt
(Winner of Beard of the Year 2013, in case you’d forgotten)


As society’s infatuation with beards has (justifiably) grown over the last few years, some have seen it appropriate to appropriate them for the sake of humour. Of course, at Bearded London we believe this to be blasphemous. Unless… oh go on then. These will give you a right giggle.

Buzzfeed – Why Every Man Needs A Beard
Fin Amusing – Dad Shaves Beard And Confuses His Daughter
Cyanide & Happiness – The Beard
Wheezy Waiter – 4 Myths About Beards
Mr Incredibeard – How to eat a Bowl O’Beard Ramen

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Have any other suggestions? Disagree with us completely? Wow, aren’t you feisty. Let us know via a comment below or you can mention @BeardedLondon on twitter.


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