PHOTOS/LISTEN: Bearded London meets the Handlebar Club

The Handlebar Club is an international society for men with moustaches. On the first Friday of every month, members of the club meet up to drink, chat and flaunt their fabulous facial furniture at the Windsor Castle pub near Edgeware Road.

Bearded London went along to the club’s March meeting to find out more about their history, membership, and most importantly – their mo’tivation.

Check out our interviews with key club members, and scroll down to view a slideshow of images from the event.

Steve Parsons, secretary of London's Handlebar Club

“The first meeting was on April Fool’s Day 1947 – so that gives you an idea of how seriously we take ourselves.”

Steve Parsons, secretary of the Handlebar Club, reveals the history of the world’s oldest moustache society

Jonathan van Helbert of the Handlebar Club - Bearded London

“There are various categories in moustaches, but the English category is the most prized – and I’m the British champion.”

Handlebar Club member and Jonathan van Helbert talks to Bearded London about his prize-winning moustache

Philip Smith of London's Handlebar Club - Bearded London

“My look is probably best-described as a dandy – very over the top, very flashy, lots of florals and patterns… you just go with it, and damned be what anyone else thinks!”

Catching up with club member Philip: self-styled dandy and ex-beard wearer

Handlebar Club plate in the Windsor Castle

“It’s certainly something that will get you noticed… I never knew there were so many friendly people in London!”

Handlebar Club member Colin shares the perks of moustache ownership with Bearded London

Proud Handlebar Club WAG Susan, with husband Alan

“I’m one of the six per cent of women who actually LOVE moustaches.”

Proud Handlebar WAG Susan delivers an ultimatum to her husband, club member Alan

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Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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    I don’t usually make a habit of entirely reblogging stuff I write for other sites, but this was something special: an evening with the Handlebar Club, owners of the most magnificent moustaches known to man! Best research trip EVER.

    This was an original post for Bearded London ( – there’s a lot of really great stuff on there at the moment, so make sure you take a look. Enjoy.


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