Interview: Musa, owner of new KR’s Traditional Barber Station in Brockley



If you needed more proof that Brockley will be the new Peckham, Musa is here to convince you.

The up and coming SE postcode now welcomes KR’s Traditional Barber Station, a new retro barber shop situated 5 minutes from Brockley overground.

Brockley Barber

Musa, the owner and chief barber, welcomed Bearded London through it’s doors to have a look around the brand spanking new station. “It’s only been open 8 weeks and already it’s been busy,” he tells us. The power anthems were on and so was the kettle. His wife and children had come for an after work visit. With Musa’s final customer styled, shaved and spruced, it was time for a chat.

Bearded London: So Musa, why Brockley? Why here?

Musa: I live in Peckham and knew that this was an upcoming area. Brockley is the best place to be. When this shop came available I knew it was meant to be.

Is this your first barber shop?

Yes! I’ve been a barber since I was 14. I’ve always grown up in barber shops and gone from one to another. And now I’m 29, so I’ve been a barber sixteen years. Long time, eh? I’m proud to say this is my first business. Up until now I’ve always been working for someone else.

Musa Brockley Barber

You’ve got a cool, retro vibe in here.

That’s how I’ve always imagined my shop to be. Old and traditional. That’s why the name is station rather than shop. It’s a half retro, half rockabilly vibe.

Are you the only barber working here?

It’s only me at the moment with a second barber on the weekends to help out. We have three chairs here, so I will be looking to expand with time. We have so much space in here. I have room for a fourth chair too.

Musa Barber

Your prices are incredibly reasonable for London…

Other places charge a lot! I’m new here to the area – and we’re not in Shoreditch – so I’m starting with reasonable prices to get loyal customers. At the moment, I’m trying to build up a strong business. Slowly, after a year or two, I may reconsider my prices.

Since you’ve been a barber for so many years, have you noticed the boom in beards recently?

Of course. At the moment, the last couple of years, they’ve been in fashion. In the 90’s, clean shaven was the fashion. In the 2000’s it was a real mix and stubble. But since 2011, there has been a rise in the big beard. Only yesterday, I had a customer, young guy, with a huge beard. It was beautiful.

Musa Barber Shop

What’s the most popular style your customers go for?

Huge beards. Bigger, longer, thicker than mine.

You’re obviously very passionate about beards. Why so?

My opinion is that beards make a huge difference to a man. A man without a beard is like tea without sugar. Beards have always been important. All prophets had beards. In Empires, all Kings had beards. All Presidents have beards. All through the ages, throughout religion, beards are powerful. In my opinion, why not have a beard?

Beard Oil

Fair play! Why should men pay for a good beard?

If a beard is tidy, it looks good. If really makes a difference. You need beard oil and moustache wax. We sell both of these here. It’s very important. It’s better to keep them styled. You can leave your beard – it will look okay. But with beard oil, you’re keeping your beard moisturised, you’re keeping it healthy, shiny; it smells nice.

Any thoughts on beards in summer?

I have a summer time beard. It’s fine for me. Another thing – you know the sunshine? Beards protect your skin and stop you getting sun damage. You can research it on Google!

Thanks Musa!

KR’s Traditional Barber Station has the official Bearded London seal of approval. For more information on SE London’s favourite new barbers, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. H says:

    I like the beard, not sure about the bow tie!


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