LIVEBLOG: Rocket Barber Shop’s Beard Bar

We wandered down to Rocket Barber Shop‘s ‘Beard Bar’ and liveblogged all the glorious specimens that came through the doors. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Scroll down for all our posts from the day.

14.13pm: Our final post for the day! Thanks to Jordan for posing for the before and after photos below. And MANY thanks to Steve and Rocket Barber Shop for letting us invade their Beard Bar. They do this every two weeks – you can find more information about the shop right here. Bearded and out.

Jordan, Before and After





13.42pm: Jonathan’s beard is massive. He’s from France, but now lives in Bethnal Green. Bearded London are swooning. A lot.

Jonathan Jonathan 2

13.25pm: A quick cigarette break before Jonathan gets in the chair…


13.10pm: Jory’s before and after…

Jory Before and After



12.46pm: You can now watch the whole of Eamon’s beard-trim, which we livestreamed a little earlier, below!


Here’s the final product, isn’t it glorious?


Ohhhhh… myyy loveeee…. myyyy darrrlinnngggg

12.25pm: Watch Eamon get his beard trimmed live! LIKE RIGHT NOW

12.20pm: Here’s Aanand (30, from Haggerston) looking incredibly dapper, post-trimming.


12.04pm: This is Tal. He’s 36, originally from Israel and now resides near Broadway Market. Here’s his Beard Bar before and after…

Tal, Before and After



11.36am: Loving Ian’s tee… And the final bearded product!


Ian, Rocket Barber Shop


11.04am: We’re here and it’s a beautiful day! Beards coming soon. We will also be attempting to do a little live broadcasting from our new Bambuser account which you can find here. We’ll tweet when we give it a go. How exciting.

Remember you can find our twitter here.

Last time we came to Rocket we made a lovely video which you can watch below to refresh your memory.


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