Nice to Beard You

Hannah Christina Charlie Francesca Suzie

Bearded London is your one-stop barbershop for all things bearded, moustachioed and bewhiskered.

Founded in September 2013, this site is the hairy lovechild of five students united by their admiration and affection for hairy faces all over London. We scour the city, from A to Z, in search of the best hairstyles (not to be confused with Harry Styles), grooming products and beard lovers.

When we’re not making our lives even hairier than they already are, we’re attempting to complete a MA in Magazine Journalism at City University or lounging in our pyjamas with a bottle of whisky.

Stroke our chin – we’re on Twitter (@beardedlondon) and Facebook.

Our mascot was designed by the wonderful Miguel Martin – give him a click.


7 Responses to Nice to Beard You

  1. fm says:

    Hi, growing it out; know where to go in London to get a little shaping rather than an overly zealous electric trim?


  2. Certainly! Ted’s Grooming Room (branches everywhere; see has a trimming service that represents pretty good value at £12.50. Check out the Beardroll ( for some more options.

    Is this your first time growing a beard?


  3. fm says:

    Thanks Christina, First time growing it long; previously always kept it fairly trim. Thanks for the tips; I had actually meanwhile made an appointment with Rocket Barbers.


  4. fm says:

    Steve, one of the owners of Rocket Barbers in Bethnal Greene/Hackney, does beards every other Sunday. I’ve seen several accomplished beards going in and out of the place and Steve has quite a full one himself. He seems like a good guy and charged me 5 squid.


  5. fm says:

    Cool, thanks Suzie!


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