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Movember Madness at Stubble and Strife

by Dominic Holbrook November is a weird month. The Christmas decorations are already on sale, the cold weather is drawing in, and a fresh group of upper lips become acquainted with moustaches for the first time. To brighten up the … Continue reading

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Crunching Data: Making Sense of Bearded Studies

A casual Wednesday evening and a quick search for beard-related articles online. Scholars really write about everything and anything, there’s bound to be something on man’s favourite facial accessory. A quick search on clever article database JSTOR pulls up an astounding … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Bearded Eurovision Song Contest

Ever wondered how the Eurovision would play out if the countries of Europe based their voting on facial hair, not on who their neighbours or best friends are? We wondered that too. So, in anticipation of next Saturday’s Eurovision final, … Continue reading

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Bearded hits the airwaves!

This week, we found out about an Australian study that heralded the oncoming “peak beard”. Naturally, we were shocked. Later in the day, we were contacted by Monocle Radio, who wanted us to come on the air on their Daily … Continue reading

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Despite this headline being a clever pun on my name, I am sad to report I haven’t suddenly developed a rich and luscious chin of hair. The reality is much more serious. Prepare yourselves, fellow beard lovers. As reported in … Continue reading

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Coming to a cinema near you…

This week is a joyous one. Not only is the sun out and warming the backs of our necks, it’s been announced that our screens are about to get a whole lot hairier, and that can only be good. “Beardo: … Continue reading

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PaxGate Goes to Edinburgh

A few months back, we reported on the loss of Paxman’s beard, that fell to the mighty razor wielded by the hand of evil. However the furore that started with Paxbeard’s appearance on Newsnight is set to rear its hairy head … Continue reading

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